The Street Children of Eldoret


Mrs. Esther Oglah Ronoh Kelch has been leading a team of volunteers in ministering to the Street Children of Eldoret since 2016. She is from the rural community of Ziwa which is about an hour's drive from Eldoret. When she began teaching high school in the area, her heart went out to these children. She started feeding as many of them as she could and preaching the gospel to them when she walked home from school. There are 700 or more of them in total, so it was impossible to feed them all.

Today, our ministry team in Eldoret feeds 300-400 of them a month as the funds are available. Many of them grew up on the streets, and some were even born homeless to other street children. They often come from orphaned families or from terrible conditions which forced them to run away for their own safety. They frequently are victims of addiction and all kinds of abuse and many times are afflicted with the same terrible diseases which killed their parents.

Our goal is to get as many of them off the streets and into good homes as we can. We are doing this by raising funds to send children with potential and desire to boarding schools, vocational schools and colleges, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities where they can have all of their needs met while having a real chance at a successful life. We also need to build orphanages, schools, and churches to accommodate and care for more of the children whose needs cannot be met by existing facilities. 

We will eventually be needing volunteers as well as substantial funding. This is a perfect opportunity for short or long-term missions trips for construction workers, teachers, preachers, nutritionists and food preparers, child care workers, and medical professionals.