We have been donated a piece of land in Kenya that is large enough to build a rescue center home for homeless boys, another for homeless girls, a care taker's home, and still have enough room to grow some crops and raise animals to make it partially self-sufficient. We can build these things and get around 20 homeless children off the street for Only $20,000.00. Thank you so much for your prayers and support! Mungu awabariki! (God bless you all!)


Main Areas of Our Focus

Feeding Orphans

With your help, we currently feed about 100 orphans in Nairobi (Kenya's capital city), about 400 orphans and street children in Eldoret, and about 100 - 200 orphans and street children in Nanyuki.


Thanks to your generous donations and volunteer work, we aim to educate as many poor children, orphans, and young adults as possible in Kenya to help arrest the generational curse of poverty. 

This is our story

We are an American/Kenyan ministry called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, minister to marriages in Kenya, and minister to orphans in Kenya. The ministry is headed by Pastor and Mrs. John and Esther Oglah Ronoh Kelch . . .